Custom Photoshop Panels
These panels were developed for the Sulake design team to simplify workflows and repetitive tasks.
Javascript, HTML5, CSS, ExtendScript and Photoshop
PSD Rebuild
At the time I joined Sulake the vast majority of game assets did not have setup files. All assets existed either within Macromedia Shockwave (as the platform transitioned into Flash) or as static .pngs (often not sliced to work in-game). This meant that new assets based on old ones turned into a tedious time-wasting task of manually re-aligning images around registration pixels.
The PSD Rebuild panel takes in an asset folder, automatically imports, and reorients all image assets around the proper registration pixels in Photoshop. The rebuilt file also generates isometric guides for asset scale and resets the shadow so compiled assets can be more easily dragged into marketing materials.
Colorable Item Editor
Items within the Habbo game-space can define any layer as colorable. This is often used to create products of different colors that use the same graphic and naming. The process isn't that designer-friendly however and mostly turns into an XML hunt+peck which often leads to user error.
This panel reads an item folder then parses and displays its product-data into color indexes that can be easily altered. Viewing an index shows a breakdown of all sprite layers and the colors assigned to them. Edited data is saved directly back to the items product information; ready to be re-imported in-game.
Design Tools
This panel simplifies common design tasks in Photoshop. Layer tools allow for quick isometric warping of images, isometrical moving or duplicate images in game-tile-space or pixel value, and batch renaming. Document tools perform simple actions to flip, mirror, or copy an active document.
Template Loader
Linked to the Design team file repo this panel loads template files for quick access. No more hunting through a file system. Opening a file creates a local temp so the original will never be accidentally changed.
Asset Packager
This panel checks the build repository, validates files, and saves package information so new products can be added to the game. Once again, a task that was commonly done by hand, and through a text editor. 
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