Colorable Item Editor
Created in order to simplify the process of making colorable item types in Habbo.
• loads an asset folder and parses its xml data for color information
• each color (product) is displayed as color data index # and is editable
• clicking an indexed color allows color to be assigned per sprite layer
• edited data is saved back to xml files for game importing
Design Tools
Created in order to simplify repetitive processes and speedup workflow
• tools to isometrically skew and move layers
• 'use tiles' option allows for moving objects as if it were in the game space for game accurate mockups + marketing
Template Loader
Loads files from GoogleDrive
• connects to GD folder so most current templates are always used
• loads/duplicates template so original is never altered
• customizable via XML
PSD Rebuild
Rebuilds a working psd setup from sprite assets.
• reads asset folder and imports sprite pngs into an editable psd
• realigns sprites around registration point
• organizes layers into folders and sets shadows opacity
Asset Packager
Packages assets for server
• checks repository for valid files
• saves info to xml for game importing
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