Product iconography, Illustrator

MobLab Mobile V2 Mockups, Sketch/Adobe XD

V2 wires

MobLab Econ educational games, Cocos & Phaser, Photoshop & Illustrator

Game Results, AdobeXD

Survey Results, AdobeXD

Online attention span webApp, AdobeXD, Illustrator

Interest Selector webApp, AdobeXD

Habbo Mobile
Mobile friendly app design for the first iteration of Sulake's social platform, Habbo: login, character selections, navigator, user inventory, store, help.
Daily gifting calendar
Base UI assets and iconography used in app design
Habbo Desktop
Created as a companion to the updated mobile design so that both felt similar but gave the desktop more functionality: room UI, user actions, user profile, chat options, speech options, room navigator, room options, chat history, item(pet) info, alert UI.
Habbo Web
Created as part of the updates that came with the introduction of the new mobile app. The entire site was refreshed to follow the same look and feel of the mobile app so that all products worked together seamlessly: news page, user profile, user stories (activities and competitions).
Template written to utilize preexisting marketing graphics and modern email standards. Design also mirrors visual updates across the product offerings.
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